My first Arduino program!

Well. I did it. ANOTHER blinking light!! I’m a genius. Okay, all kidding aside, it was pretty fun to write my first Arduino program. I could change the program’s timing of the light being on (high) or off (low) and the onboard LED would blink appropriately. That thing is bright too, I can barely see after staring at it!

To get started, I watched Jeremy Blum’s first Arduino tutorial and followed along. I hope to get though a couple more before school kicks into high gear.

I know this is pretty boring stuff for all you professionals out there, but it’s all pretty amazing to a newbie! I can’t wait to see what else I can do!!

2 Replies to “My first Arduino program!”

  1. I just bought an arduino uno! I have no experience with any of this stuff, but I keep reading about amazing arduino projects. I plan on making a clock as soon as I get all the parts. Good for you though, very impressive!!!!

  2. Very cool. I bought an Arduino Uno over Christmas holiday and got the Discovery Electronics Kit for Christmas. Bought a bunch of other gear to help me along the way (soldering iron, helping hands, etc.) That said, Santa brought a telescope for Christmas too so me and the kids have been gazing at Jupiter and the Orion nebula recently as well as working on our model rockets. We have plenty to keep us busy in our spare nano seconds. 🙂

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