One week down!

So I’ve now finished my first week of class, and I’ve ¬†gone to all my classes except physics lab (it didn’t meet the first week). Early in the week I had a little panic session about my math class but I’m starting to feel better about it. Basically, as I’ve already said, my math class is hard. However, I put in many solid hours and now I’m finally getting it. I think my biggest roadblock will be the basics that are taking a little while to come back. Other people in my class can rattle off the integrals of all the trigonometric functions and are comfortable manipulating logarithms and exponents. I used to be able to do such things and I’m sure it’ll eventually come back as I encounter these things, learn them and move on.

I’m feeling comfortable with my other courses and I think they’ll turn out okay.

Well, short blog today but I’ll try and update again this weekend.

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