Metal Clay

This week I took a metal clay class at the Dallas Makerspace. Metal clay is basically around 90% of the metal you desire (bronze, copper and silver are all examples) and 10% organic binder and some water. You shape the metal clay into whatever shape or size you want (with a few limitations), let it dry and then fire the clay.

photo (5)

Firing the copper and bronze clay requires a kiln to maintain a temperature for a longer period of time, but the neat thing about the silver clay we were using was that it could be fired with a simple butane torch.

photo (4)



The class at the makerspace was taught by Jenny Vestal, who also teaches an online course on the subject on We made some simple charms to begin with, and we were given extensive instructions for further projects. Here are the earrings I made!

photo (3)



I have a few fun ideas for some electrical engineering themed pieces. Transistor symbol keychain anyone??

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