Well, this blog has been existence for quite some time as a law student blogging. Then I crashed the blog by ignoring it for 6 months and had to start from scratch. Silly me forgot to make a backup.  You live, you learn. However, sometimes a clean slate is a good thing. I’m starting a new adventure in my life anyway. Now this may seem a little out of the blue, but I’m starting a BS and eventually a MS in electrical engineering. Right after taking the bar. Bar results come out in November. We’ll see how that goes. I’m feeling fairly confident, but maybe that’s a bad thing.

I’m just not sure that the traditional lawyer role is right for me and so I wanted to dip my toes in engineering to see if it’s a better fit. I start new classes tomorrow. I’ll be taking a programming class and lab, mechanics (physics) class and lab, an intro to EE/CE course and advanced engineering math. To tell the truth, I’m really scared about this. I’m a bit of a perfectionist in some areas of my life. I want to get A’s. I had to let that go in law school but now that I’m back in an undergrad setting, I really feel like I have to shine.

Obviously these courses have a heavy emphasis on math and that’s where I’m really nervous. I used to be really good at math. Not to brag but it came so naturally. I don’t know if my brain has liquefied due to law school or what but I’m trying to work through some of the problems in my book and it’s just rough. I’m trying to remember that the point of these courses is to LEARN the material. I don’t necessarily have to know it before school starts. 

I’ll try and update tomorrow with how the first day goes!

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  1. Popping over from twitter and realizing I somehow got unsubscribed from your blog! Eegads! I am super excited for your new adventure…the math is terrifying to me, but the following something you’re interested in? Right up my alley 🙂

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