I’ve officially entered the part of the semester that is no longer fun. I’m stressed out, disappointed in some grades and in dire need of a break. Thanksgiving is coming up, but I just don’t know how much relaxing time I’m going to have when I really need to be studying.

I know this is a part of the process but I hate this particular part. I have a big math test tomorrow and if I can keep my A average then I don’t have to take the final. Therefore, I’m really giving one last big push to learn this stuff backward and foreword so I can be done with it.

The group project has straightened itself out a little bit. I was the only member of the group of 6 with a car and any sort of tools. Therefore, I pretty much had to build our supporting structure by default. This was a source of much frustration but my husband borrowed a really nice miter saw and nail gun from a coworker at the fire station and so we were able to put together a pretty impressive frame for our “egg transporter” machine in only a few hours. So yesterday I finally delivered the frame and a ton of tools and supplies to one of the members who lives in an on-campus apartment so the other members of the team could start contributing.

Hopefully things will start looking up.

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