A little semester recap.

I’m not exactly done with the semester but all that’s left is one final exam in physics. I currently have a 99 in physics so I’m not so worried about it. Also it’s in a week. So I have an entire week to study for an exam that I’m already quite prepared for. So looking back I’ve realized a few things and solidified some of my early thoughts on the engineering curriculum.

1) This isn’t law school. There is not a forced curve of 2.5 or whatever cruel torture they inflicted on us. What does this mean for me? If I work hard in my courses, it pays off. I spent many hours in the engineering reading room and in Starbucks before 6:00 AM and I’m going to have the grades to reflect that. [Note: I am a morning person. For some strange reason, I learn extremely well before most people like to get up. I’ve learned to accept this and use my “golden hours” as productively as I can.]

2) I really need to stop freaking out about grades. Other that one letdown, I’ve performed at a level that I think is indicative of my intelligence, grasp of the material, and hard work. I need to keep working hard, even when I’m doing well, but I really can relax a little bit.

3) I take a really unique approach to learning engineering. I’m putting in outside hours reading the history of computing and code theory so I know why I’m learning the things I’m learning in class. I love having context for my knowledge and I think it really enhances the learning process. I think too many students just fly through courses without taking a step back to consider why they’re learning the things they’re learning.

Get ready for the book reviews over the holiday break. I’ve LOVED my choices so far and hopefully Santa will bring a few more for me to enjoy over my time off.

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