Project, part II

The project is continuing to move along. As you can see from the post above, today I got this beautiful Adafruit LCD Arduino shield up and running. Isn’t it so pretty? I have to admit that this whole project has been quite a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. However, I think it’ll still be a smashing success in the end. You can also see the Sparkfun photo-interrupters and the breakout boards below the display. I also got the code for those kinda working and so if I start putting the two things together, we might actually be getting somewhere.

My dining room table has turned into an electronics wasteland, it might be time to start seriously considering a workbench. My husband has been really understanding of my mess but it’s starting to drive even me crazy! Homework calls again, but I’ll try and put all the pieces of the project together this weekend. Wahoo!

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  1. So I googled my self out of curiosity and found you! I am also Katie luper funny enough. Cool to have someone with the same name! Although my full name is Kathryn.

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