Whoops! The semester got away from me

As usual, the semester got busy and the poor blog got neglected. I’m working on a longer post on my Arduino coin sorter using eddy currents, but I wanted to share a few things right now.

In early 2008, I bought a first generation Apple Time Capsule for use as a wireless router and backup system. Minus a few corrupted sparsebundles, the Time Capsule has served us well. However, I kept running across post after post on technology blogs about Time Capsules dying, so I have been increasingly careful to have other backups. Over the weekend, my Time Capsule went kaput. Upon being plugged in, the light came on for a second, it flickered, and then shut down. Being 4 years old, it was way out of warranty and so after buying another (I know that there are other solutions, but I like this one) I decided to rip apart the old one.

I’ve never had an Apple product out of warranty that I could just dissect and so this was a new experience. I consulted a few blogs, used a hair dryer to peel off the rubber bottom, and went to work. Once I unwrapped the power supply, the problem was pretty quickly evident. At least two of the electrolytic capacitors were bulging and leaking orange goo.

I’m planning to try and replace them just for the experience. My philosophy is that it’s already dead, so I can’t break anything that isn’t already broken.


As a quick shout-out, Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) tweeted about a great ECE student’s blog called Needs More Lasers. I really enjoyed the posts so far so check it out!

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